Supervised Child Contact Service

Supervised Contact

Voice of the Child  provides Supervised Family Contact Visits at our Reading Centre.

We have a friendly team of supervisors who are compassionate, child-focused, ready to be supportive and not only there to observe.

Our contact supervisors are friendly, compassionate, child-focused and supportive. We have a structured and positive way of way of working with contacts for non-resident/resident parents and family members in a supportive and encouraging manner. 

Our staff and contact supervisors have been trained to put the needs of the children first when making decisions and will encourage parents and children to engage and interact in meaningful, positive ways.

Supervised contact visits provide parents with the opportunity to evidence their parenting skills and build upon the connection that they hold with their children.

Please note that our supervised contact  involves close monitoring and recording when it has been determined that a child has suffered harm, or is at risk of suffering harm, during contact. For more information, or to make a referral, please download our referral form.