Voice of the Child Contact Centre

Our Passion is to Empower Families, Nurture Connections, Build Stronger Bonds for Children and Parents.

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Supported Contact

Designed to prioritise the well-being of children during contact sessions with non-resident parents or family members.
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Supervised Contact

Our supervised Child Contact Service ensures child well-being during contact with non-resident parents or family members.
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Handover Contact

Our handover Service is designed to removeany tension or conflict that may arise when parents of separated families meet.
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Escorted Contact

Our escorted service offers support for families having supervised contact in a community setting .
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Empowering children and families facing tough situations

Family breakdown and separation is the most heart-wrenching experience for every family, and children are often caught up in parental conflict. Founded in 2010, Voice of the Child Child provides a supportive family environment where children from separated families are able to enjoy private family time. Children are supported to rebuild and reconnect with non-resident family members, whilst parents are supported to understand and manage the implications of separation and loss for their children.

Dealing With When Parents Separate

The Child of Separated Parents

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Help us make a lasting impact on children affected by family breakdown. Every year, 200,000 kids face separation, with long-term consequences on their well-being. At Voice of the Child, we’re on a mission to change that.

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