About our Handover Service

Voice of the Child’s Handover Contact Service is specifically designed to alleviate any potential tension or conflict that may arise when parents of separated families meet. Our service operates as a safe, neutral transition point for children moving between their resident and non-resident parents or family members, allowing them to maintain meaningful relationships without the stress of parental confrontation.

How it Works

With our Handover Contact Service, the resident parent drops off the child at our center, where our caring and professional staff ensure the child feels safe and comfortable. The non-resident parent or family member can then pick up the child from the center and spend their scheduled time together. Following the visit, the non-resident parent returns the child to our center, where the resident parent picks them up.

Our handover service is meticulously organized to avoid any overlap between the resident and non-resident parents’ arrival and departure times. This coordination provides a smooth transition for the child, minimizing the potential for confrontational situations that could cause distress or discomfort.

Benefits of our Handover Service

  • Safe and neutral transition point
  • Minimizes tension and conflict between parents
  • Ensures a smooth and orderly handover process
  • Professional and caring staff
  • Reassurance and support for children

Make s Handover Referral

To learn more about our Handover Contact Service or to make a referral, please download our referral form. We invite parents and caregivers who believe that this service could be beneficial to their family circumstances to get in touch with us. At Voice of the Child, we are dedicated to prioritizing the well-being of children and facilitating their ongoing connections with their families in the most supportive way possible.