Voice of the Child specialises in early help support services for children and their separated families

Our intervention services provides a safe, neutral and supportive family environment where children from separated families that are caught in the middle of chronic parental conflict can enjoy private family time with parents and siblings they no longer live with.

We help children to reconnect and build positive memories with non-resident parents. We support parents to put their children first after a relationship breakdown by encouraging and challenging them to gain insights about their children’s needs and the impact of parental conflict on children’s mental health.

Voice of the Child is the only nationally enhanced accredited SUPERVISED child contact centre within 75 miles radius of Reading, Berkshire. We have maintained our National Association of Child Contact Centre (NACCC) enhanced accreditation for the past 10 years and we will continue to ensure NACCC’s standards are followed.

In celebrating over a decade of our existence, our child contact and advocacy services took off nationally across the UK. We continue to work in close collaboration with various Local Authority social services departments and young people care institutions , family courts and solicitors across the UK; Wales, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Slough, Warwickshire,  Hampshire,  Hillingdon,  NewHam, Medway, Basingstoke, West Sussex, Nottingham,  Swindon, South East & Beyond to name a few. 

Our Objectives

Putting Children First When Parents Part

Our aim is to prioritise the needs of children when family relationships breakdown, by supporting families to stay connected and help create positive memories for children and young people.

Families are enabled to progress from non-existent or dysfunctional child contact arrangements with non-resident parents to consistent,  sustainable and healthy patterns of interaction which prioritises the child’s needs and well being, without the intervention of third-party agencies where possible.

Our mission is to support children and strengthen families to improve outcomes for children and young people by providing culturally sensitive and competent support services that meet the individual needs of each family.

What is a Child Contact Centre?

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