Family Relationship Breakdown is the most heart wrenching experience for every child and family

Children & young people trapped in chronic conflict between separated parents, depend on the safety & support of our Child Contact Centre Interventions to stay connected with parents and relatives they no longer live with. 

Our Child Contact Centre Intervention Project

We are a specialist early intervention support service. It provides a neutral, safe and supported family environment where children from separated families are supported to;

Enjoy safe, supported and consistent interaction with non-resident parents or significant family members. Develop sustainable attachment relationships with non-resident parent or significant family members. Parents are supported to understand and effectively deal with the impact of separation and loss for their children.

Children are supported to develop positive attachment relationships with non-resident family & to experience reduced anxiety and stress caused by parent’s separation.

Feelings Matter

Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed from a stressful relationship breakdown or divorce?

Perhaps,  at your wits end with your ex-partner over your child/ren?

Sadly, for your child, their whole world has just turned upside down. Probably suffering silently feeling unworthy and confused, perhaps depressed or acting out to get your attention.

Worse, for a child feeling trapped in the middle of intense emotional conflict between two parents who cannot agree on what is best for a child, is the most agonising life experience.

Your Child’s Needs & Voice Matters

‘Every Child Deserves the Chance to Have a Relationship With Both Parents’ 

We see beyond separated parents’ conflict and blind spots and challenge them to help them nurture the child’s voice and free the child from the burden of having to choose between parents.

Often, when separated parents are trapped in intense emotional conflict, they lose sight of their child’s feelings and needs, so they disagree on what is right. So many vulnerable children & young people depend on the safety & support of our Child Contact Centre Interventions to stay connected with both parents.

Save the Voice of the Child Contact Intervention Centre

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