Child Indirect Contact Services

Voice of the Child offer an Indirect Contact service. This is often stated in a ‘Child Arrangements Order’ which usually sets out that the ‘non-resident’ parent of the children will have contact with them in the form of letters, emails, cards, gifts, Skype etc. These items can be sent to us to forward on to the Children’s home or other agreed location.

Voice of the Child will accept self-referral for indirect contact, if all parties are in agreement with this arrangement.

This service is often used in circumstances for example where there have been long periods of time between the parent seeing the children, or where there have been allegations and/or findings of domestic violence; which suggests that the child will experience harm if ‘direct’ contact takes place.

Indirect Contact will normally be a short-term measure with a view to establishing more direct contact in the longer term. However, sometimes indirect contact will be the only contact set out in a Child Arrangements Order, and Voice of the Child are happy to assist for longer periods of time when required