Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Providing Counselling and Relational Trauma & Attachment Psychotherapy to Support Individual Adults and Young people over 16, Couples as well as Children and Parents or Carers together.

There are many ways in which children and parents can be supported during hard times. When parents become embroiled in a chaotic separation and children are caught in the middle, or children are traumatised life can be very hard. Children are likely to become emotionally overwhelmed and their behaviour and mental well being deteriorates.  Our help cannot be underestimated. At Voice of the Child in Berkshire, we belief when a parent heals, the child heals. We provide a variety of therapeutic  services to help the parents individually, couples or  where possible parent and children together

Individual or Couples Therapy 

Perhaps you’re feeling down; depressed, anxious, confused, overwhelmed, stuck or lonely. Maybe you’re unsure about a relationship, challenged by life transitions or a relationship breakdown. You might be struggling with childhood trauma, parenting, adoption, infertility, loss and identity issues. Or just feeling that you aren’t living the life you deserve. Life gets tough sometimes, yet out of our vulnerabilities lie our strength. Therapy is a process of self-discovery & growth that helps you to understand aspects of your life that may be holding you back or affecting your relationships. Despite your current circumstances, we trust that you have the inherent power to heal, ignite passion and fulfilment in your life. We have faith and welcome you as you are

Dyadic Developmental psychotherapy (DDP) for Parent/Carer & Child/ren

Voice of the Child provides dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP), an evidence-based attachment-focused therapy treatment for complex trauma, reactive attachment, and other attachment issues. This is suitable for families, where children have experienced significant trauma, e.g. adoptive and foster families, kinship carers, and other vulnerable families affected by trauma. 

We work collaboratively with the parent or carer and child/ren to ensure  therapeutic interventions that help to:

  • Improve relationships and increase emotional and attachment security
  • Increase their ability to regulate emotionally and behaviourally.
  • Support parents to work towards self-awareness, improve their ability to recognise blocks of parenting and relationships, and learn how to resolve relationship difficulties.
  • Develop attuned parental co-regulation and increase in attachment, promoting skills and behaviours.
  • Co-create a new, positive narrative between parent/carer and child.

Our therapeutic service is grounded in approaches that help a wide range of life issues;e.g. anxiety, depression, attachment and relationship issues. We are here to work alongside you .Together, we navigate a path of healing as we work to restore and rebuild connection and safety within the self, enabling you to explore, process and gain insight and develop the art of self-acceptance through love.

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