We need your help to keep our Child Contact Intervention Centre open

The scale of the COVID19 crisis is unprecedented. Typically, we depend mainly on income generated from Child Contact Intervention and Advocacy Services delivered to a wide range of Local Authorities across the country and some fundraising activities to support the Child Contact Centre Intervention Project and Organisational Overheads . Sadly, we have now lost these income streams due to the Corona-Virus pandemic.

We Must Raise £100,000.00

Over the last 10 years, we have partnered with approximately twelve UK Universities across Berkshire and neighbouring Counties to offer 70 -100 days Social Works Placements / Training for five to seven undergraduate and post graduate students a year. With a rolling group of trainee social workers working 3-5 days a week,  plus volunteers and a small staff team, the Contact Centre Project and Operational Cost were covered. Unfortunately , due to the impact of COVID19 we have lost a significant source of our revenue, including university student placements / funding. With a long waiting list of children and families needing our support, we are significantly short of project workers to support the families who desperately need help.

Helps us to nurture the child’s VOICE without making them CHOOSE between separated parents

Sadly, the dark side of COVID19 social isolation has resulted in over 50% increase in domestic violence reports, with more women and children at risk with the worst yet to come. For children and young people trapped in the middle of high conflict couple relationship breakdown and separation, life is a living nightmare. We are now experiencing an exponential 50% increase in referrals for Child Contact Centre Intervention support for children and families experiencing chronic parental conflict.

Help secure the future of children

The stark reality is that the future of Voice of the Child-Child Contact Centre Intervention services is at stake as we are struggling to offer desperate families the support they need.

We are under enormous pressure not only to secure adequate resources to meet increasing demands and reach out to more families,  but to simultaneously support existing families during this difficult time and  beyond whilst safe-guarding the Child Contact Centre from drowning from the unprecedented financial impact of COVID19.

Please support us today to help ensure the survival of vital services we offer to children, young people and families.

Families do not need to travel any further

Voice of the Child is the only Nationally Accredited Child Contact Intervention Centre within a 75 miles radius of Reading, Berkshire. We generally open and accessibly Six days a week and providing a wide range of Child Contact Intervention Support Services to separated families in Reading, Berkshire and Surroundings and across the country through established partnerships with over 40 Local Authorities, 30 UK Courts and 300 Solicitors. But in response to Covid19, we are currently open four days a week and under enormous pressure to open 7 days a week.

How your contribution would help save the Child Contact Intervention Project

Averagely, each family benefits from 2 hours weekly Supervised Contact for up to 12 months prior to transitioning into independent family arrangements which are exclusive of third-party support. It costs approximately £357.00 for two hours contact x 52 weeks (£18564.00 per year) per family. The cost covers, a private room for contact, pre and post session support for parents and child, a key project support worker @ 6hrs work per each contact including contact observation, report writing for court purposes, pre and post session work. Other running cost / overheads include: general administrative support, management cost, utility bills, Centre hire, monthly accreditation, accounting subscriptions, cleaning, groceries, management cost, rents.

Every penny you give counts towards one child or a sibling group reconnecting and enjoy quality time and building positive memories with a parent they no longer live with, week after week.

The more we raise the more contacts we can offer and the more families we can reach.

Donate or Fundraise4us and watch every child smile as they hug the parent they no longer live with.

For Every £1 you raise, a child or a sibling group get to spend quality time with their dad or mum they no longer live with, with the support of our child contact centre.  For some children, this will be the first time ever they meet their father or reconnected to their mother or father after a good few years.

Do you know a #NacccCovidHero?

Every day in child contact centres across the NACCC Network, Magic happens. This is only because of the commitment dedication and professionalism of our members.

We know that 2020 has been a challenging year for all and we are equally sure that things can only get better from here.

We’re looking to celebrate those centres, members and individuals. If you know of an example let us know.

We’re hoping to hold an event in April 2021 where we will celebrate these achievements and issue some awards.

So far we really don’t have enough nominations for our colleagues working on a voluntary basis and we really want to change this. Nominations can be completed here and our focus for this inaugural event will be those going the extra mile during the current pandemic.

So that plans do not change, this will most likely be a virtual event this year, but we plan to continue this indefinitely and future sessions will be integrated into the NACCC AGM.

Nominations will close in February, but please do not wait till then nominate your colleagues or centre, whilst it’s fresh in your mind. You can nominate more than one person, or for more than one achievement.

NACCC supports campaign for free relationship support to help parents locked in conflict #SortItOut

The NACCC team are proud to be supporting the #SortItOut campaign. We are acutely aware of the damage that parental conflict can have on children and the very ethos and existence of accredited child contact centres is to provide a safe place where parenting can continue away from the conflict.

The #SortItOut campaign calls for immediate action to reduce the damaging impact of parental conflict on an estimated 1.25 million children in Britain.

We are backing the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Supporting Couple Relationships and Reducing Interparental Conflict which is calling on the government to make relationship support free of charge to all parents in ongoing conflict.

Family relationships are consistently in the top three most common reasons why children contact ChildLine and campaigners want to highlight the damaging effect of warring parents on children’s mental health.

Research by the Department of Work and Pensions overwhelmingly demonstrates that exposure to frequent, intense and poorly resolved conflict between parents has a long-lasting and negative effect on children’s mental health and development.

This research [1] states that how “couples communicate and engage with each other in managing relationship conflicts both affects their ability to engage in effective parenting practices and can influence children’s mental health outcomes in infancy, childhood, and adolescence, with extended impacts on academic/educational attainment, physical health and well-being, employability, and future relationship stability in later life”.[2]

#SortItOut has the support of a broad spectrum of organisations including Tavistock Relationships, Relate, The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Association of Child Psychotherapists. The Sun newspaper’s Agony Aunt, Deidre Sanders (Dear Deidre – also agony aunt for ITV’s This Morning programme) is also both backing the campaign.

The central objective of the campaign is to ensure relationships support is available – free of charge – to all parents in conflict. We are joining the campaign to call for the following:

  1. Parental conflict to be assessed for in child mental health services and other settings such as schools
  2. Local authorities, NHS services and courts to offer relationship support services to parents
  3. The government Reducing Parental Conflict Programme to be offered nationally

If you would like to help parents #SortItOut you can support the campaign by:

[1, 2] Harold G, Acquah D, Sellers R, and Chowdry H (2016) What works to enhance inter-parental relationships and improve outcomes for children? DWP ad hoc research report no. 32. London: DWP.