How your contribution would help save the Child Contact Intervention Project

Averagely, each family benefits from 2 hours weekly Supervised Contact for up to 12 months prior to transitioning into independent family arrangements which are exclusive of third-party support. It costs approximately £357.00 for two hours contact x 52 weeks (£18564.00 per year) per family. The cost covers, a private room for contact, pre and post session support for parents and child, a key project support worker @ 6hrs work per each contact including contact observation, report writing for court purposes, pre and post session work. Other running cost / overheads include: general administrative support, management cost, utility bills, Centre hire, monthly accreditation, accounting subscriptions, cleaning, groceries, management cost, rents.

Every penny you give counts towards one child or a sibling group reconnecting and enjoy quality time and building positive memories with a parent they no longer live with, week after week.  

The more we raise the more contacts we can offer and the more families we can reach.

Donate or Fundraise4us and watch every child smile as they hug the parent they no longer live with.

For Every £1 you raise, a child or a sibling group get to spend quality time with their dad or mum they no longer live with, with the support of our child contact centre.  For some children, this will be the first time ever they meet their father or reconnected to their mother or father after a good few years.