Advocacy & Independent Visiting

At Voice of the Child, we believe the voices of children and young people are a paramount consideration in all matters and decisions that involve them. Our advocacy and independent visiting service offers independent support to children and young people who are struggling to express their feelings or are unhappy about the impact of decisions made by professionals or their family on their daily lives.

We befriend, visit, support and represent the wishes and feelings of children and young people in care and those in needs in various forums, including professional meetings. This includes children who are subject to child protection or child in need plans, care leavers, and children and young people with disabilities.

We also advocate and support unaccompanied and asylum seeking children through the age assessment process.

Our advocates strive to develop a positive relationship with children and young people. They listen carefully to their wishes and feelings and liaise with relevant professionals to proactively resolve issues. They also empower children to understand their rights and entitlement,  develop communication skills and the confident to express their views. Where professional decisions can not be altered,  our advocates support children and young people to the reasons why and refer them to relevant support services.

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