A Non-profit child contact intervention service provider

We help children to reconnect and build positive memories with non-resident parents.


“After Mummy left us, Daddy stopped talking, too. I had no one to talk to…”

Ms Shaloome’s Family Story

Did you know

Over 66% couples divorce in the UK every year?  Approximately, 350, 000 couples separate in the UK year. Approximately 200,000 children each year experience separation of their parents? At least  1 in 3 children will experience parental separation by age of 16 ? Over 1,000.000(Million) children lose contact with a parent after separation?

COVID19 ‘The Dark & Scary Side’ of Social Isolation

Sadly, due to social isolation measures, Domestic Violence Reports have increased by over 50%, leaving more children at risk. For children & young people trapped between warring parents, life is a nightmare. Consequently, we are experiencing an exponential 40% increase in referrals for our Child Contact Intervention Support.

How you can help

Your time and donation can change a child's future.

Who We Are

A Nationally Accredited Child Contact & family intervention support service provider.

We support Children and Strengthen Families during relationship breakdown.

What We Do

We provide a neutral, safe and supported family environment where children from separated families are supported to