Ms Shaloome’s Family Story


“After Mummy left us, Daddy stopped talking, too. I had no one to talk to…”

I had just turned five years old when Mummy left. She had been fighting with Daddy for a long time and she just got up and left us. We stayed with Daddy and didn’t see Mummy for nine, whole months. I know there were more fights with them but Daddy hid it from us. I was scared sometimes because Daddy would be out late and I didn’t have anyone talk to as my brother, Nick, went quiet.

After a while, we were told we were going to see Mummy again at a family centre. I did not want to see Mummy. I was angry that she left us and she never told me why. I knew my parents didn’t agree on things, but what did that have to do with us? We were left scared and alone, and I didn’t know how to say this to her. My brother Nick didn’t want to go either, and he didn’t come to the first meeting.

I decided to go to the first meeting, but I was scared. The nice people at the support centre told me just to say hello and see how I felt. So I did. The first time I saw Mummy, I burst into tears and ran right into her arms! It felt so good to be cuddled by her again. When I told Mummy that Nick wasn’t coming, she cried. It made me feel so bad. 

When I went home, Nick made me feel really bad again for seeing Mummy, and I told Daddy I didn’t want to see her again. We had to go speak to the support people at the centre and talk about why we were upset. Daddy was told to talk to us more and remind us that we were allowed to make our own decisions.

Next time, Daddy and Mummy spoke together at the centre first. Voice of the Child helped my parents talk to each other better, and learn how to agree on what was best for us as their children. I am really grateful for the help from the centre, as after that things got a lot easier for all of us.

Nick and I both wanted to see Mummy now, so the next session was very nice. Nick and Mummy cried a lot, and I was just happy to see my family together again!

From today, our sessions aren’t supervised anymore, and Nick comes to every session now. We see Mummy every two weeks, and we have other support whenever we need it. I really enjoy our VOC sessions at the centre as they are helping bring my family back together. I already can’t wait for next week!

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